The SoulShine Experience

SoulShine empowers children to thrive –
using nature’s lessons, community connections and loving kindness

SoulShiner Goals:

School Readiness

Get Ready for School

  • Preschoolers prep for school someday
  • After-schoolers prep for school the next day

Be Active & Engaged

  • Maximize outside time
  • Enjoy group activities 
  • Participate in organized play

Embrace Community

  • Look beyond ourselves to our community
  • Learn to support others

Respect the Earth & Each Other

  • Understand how the earth supports life
  • Recognize ways we are similar to our neighbors

SoulShine’s permaculture-inspired environment creates a foundation of respect & stewardship that will serve the children their whole lives



  • GELDS development
  • Play-based sensory experiences and activities, rooted in nature
  • Teaching the value of our earth and its people
  • Low teacher : student ratios


  • Georgia's Bright from the Start lottery-funded Pre-K curriculum
  • Blended with our unique permaculture-based activities and environment
  • Centered around nature stewardship, community,  homesteading and wellbeing

After School

  • Learning support through quiet time for homework & reading
  • Outdoor activities and play time build friendships and encourage teamwork
  • Real-world experience in manufacturing, economics and charitable giving through monthly markets
  • SoulShiners create goods to sell at monthly market and choose a non-profit beneficiary for proceeds

Day Camps

  • Permaculture-based activities and field trips
  • Farming, gardening, composting, cooking, economics, self-sufficiency
  • Opportunities to serve community

Summer Camps

  • Week-long day camps
  • Permaculture themes allow children to connect with nature, their community and themselves
  • Wellbeing, nature stewardship, homesteading and community focus
  • Local pool visits
  • Field trips
  • Special guests

SoulShine Values in Action

Make Connections

Value the Earth

Understand our Place

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