Preschool Tuition Assistance Program

Current Grant Availability

Grants are available.

As of January 8, 2020.


The Grants Committee, comprised of volunteers within the Parent Advisory Council, is authorized by SoulShine to make grants from the SoulShine Tuition Assistance Fund.

  • The SoulShine Grants Committee reviews all applications and determines grant recipients and the amount of assistance provided. SoulShine staff may not vote or influence the Committee’s decision, but may provide information to the Committee as requested.
  • Tuition assistance grants are awarded in the name of the child enrolled in SoulShine, although the application is submitted by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Tuition assistance is only available to students enrolled or enrolling full-time in SoulShine Preschool.
  • Tuition payments to SoulShine must not be in arrears at the time of application nor at any time while tuition assistance is provided.
  • The Consideration Procedure
    • Application
      • In order to be considered, the application must be complete and include proof of income and expenses, as defined.
    • Interview
      • Prior to the committee meeting, a member of the committee will contact the parent or legal guardian to review the application. After the interview, the committee member will make a recommendation to the committee.
    • Notification
      • After the committee makes a decision, the SoulShine location director will notify the parent/legal guardian of the committee’s decision.
    • Appeal
      • Declined applications may be appealed, within 12 months of the denial date. Appeals must be made in writing and include documented evidence of a major life change event affecting the financial circumstances of the family and previously unknown to the committee. Only one appeal may be made within a 12-month period.
  • The parent/guardian is required to pay a portion of the tuition. Every grant offered will be $6,500 over a 12-month period. That equates to $125/week, reducing the tuition for a single child to $230/week. Only one grant will be available to a family during any 12-month period.
  • At the end of each grant period, the parent/legal guardian is required to update and submit a new application, including financial status. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis.

Tuition assistance grants are for the purpose of attending SoulShine Preschool and have no cash value outside of that context. No monies will be paid directly to the parent or legal guardian. Families pay their weekly contribution directly to SoulShine, as they did before the grant was awarded.

Each year, SoulShine will determine the number of grants available.  For 2019, five (5) grants will be funded. Applications will only be accepted when grant funds are available, so if all grants have been awarded for a given year, applications will not be accepted. SoulShine reserves the right to discontinue the Tuition Assistance Program at any time, for any reason, and to adjust the number of grants available each year.

The Grant Committee meets after the monthly Parent Advisory Council Meeting. Applications must be submitted and accepted as complete by the 10th of each month,  in order to be considered for approval and implementation for the following month. Grant availability will be posted both on the website (for new families) and the parent portal (for current SoulShine families).

Application Procedure:

  • Parent/Guardian downloads application, completes it and provides all required documentation.
  • Parent/Guardian delivers completed application to Location Director.
  • Location Director reviews application, assigns an application number, and confirms that all required documentation has been provided.  If the application is accepted as complete, Location Director forwards application package to the Grants Committee.
  • Grants Committee member schedules interview (phone) with parent to review application, to clarify needs and to be sure they understand the documentation that has been provided.
  • Grants Committee member makes use of the tuition assistance calculator to determine how the family’s expenses match median expenses in the US.
  • Based on this review, the Grant Committee member presents the application summary to the Advisory Council with a recommendation to grant or deny.  The advisory council confirms decision and the application is returned to the Location Director.
  • If the grant is awarded, the Location Director will advise the Parent/Guardian on the start date for the tuition assistance.
  • If the request is denied, the Location Director will advise the Parent/Guardian that they did not receive the grant, but that they may reapply the following year, or sooner, if a meaningful change in their financial landscape occurs.

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