After School

SoulShine After School is not available due to pandemic concerns.

Updated September 29, 2020.



Pre-K through Fifth Grade



2 pm to 6:30 pm
Monday - Friday


Feel the Difference

  • Guest speakers, workshops, nature walks
  • House-made afternoon snack
  • Permaculture-based activities:  farming, gardening, economics, self-sufficiency
  • Supporting our communities through SoulShine Markets. Profits matched by SoulShine & donated to selected charities.

Take a Look at SoulShine After School

Elementary Schools Served


SoulShine buses pick up at:

  • Toomer Elementary
  • Burgess-Peterson
  • Drew Charter School
  • Whitefoord Pre-K


SoulShine buses pick up at:

  • College Heights Elementary
  • Oakhurst Elementary
  • Winnona Park Elementary

Dig into SoulShine After School


Permaculture is a toolbox of ecological and resource-wise practices that create a more balanced and fair relationship with the earth and the people who inhabit it. By studying the patterns of nature and working with them, we become more harmonious participants in life and living. Permaculture works toward building a more regenerative landscape, and encompasses using less energy, eating wholesome, local food, involving your family in the life of the community and making wiser choices that will improve the quality of life for your family, your community and the environment around you.

Homesteading: Practical skills that reinforce self-sufficiency: gardening, cooking, foraging.

Well-Being: Caring for their bodies and their spirits; understanding the benefits of whole foods for nourishment.

Community: Experiencing local and global community and beginning to understand our place in the world.

Nature Stewardship: Valuing nature and exploring ways to developing a healthy relationship with the earth and its people.

After School Logistics

School Pickups:  between 2 and 3 pm

Afternoon Snack: 3:30 pm

Afternoon Activities and Pick-Ups: 5:15 to 6:30

Weekly After School calendars are published for each location. 

After School parents will have access to those calendars via the Parent Portal.

Preparing for After School


Your child will be outdoors and may get dirty, so please provide appropriate attire and footwear for activities and weather. You may also provide a change of clothes to remain at SoulShine.

Our SoulShine buses offer pick ups at the schools listed on the program page. If your child attends a different school, we offer drop-in care based on your transportation arrangements and enrollment availability.


Regularly prepared snack consists of ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables, with an occasional carbohydrate option based on our activity schedule. We encourage you to pack an extra snack if your child requires additional food for their time at SoulShine.

SoulShine is a NUT-FREE facility.

Occasionally, cooking demonstrations and food-based activities will be scheduled. Samples will be offered at these times though are not required for participation.

Study Time

As an experience-based program, time for and assistance with homework and other school projects may be allotted, though our scheduled curriculum is our priority. We encourage you to make time with your child nightly to review their schoolwork. Additionally, SoulShine can provide a list of tutors and professional services designed to meet your family’s needs.

Physical Risk

Our activities are age-appropriate, professionally supervised and instructed. We sometimes work with tools and materials that can contain hard surfaces and sharp edges. Every precaution is taken to minimize risk for the children, including appropriate injury prevention education.

If an accident occurs, our staff is CPR and First Aid Certified. Both SoulShine locations are minutes from major hospitals. 

After School Tuition

After School is not available for enrollment at this time.
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