What does Permaculture Look Like?

Choose a Program


Ages 6 weeks to 5* years

Year Round

7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Even as infants...

learning about the world

Georgia Pre-K

Age 4 before Sept. 1 this year

Full School Year

Extended Care Available

State-Funded Pre-K

Exciting curriculum. Includes lunch for all students

After School

Pre-K through Fifth Grade

Full School Year

Experience nature

plus economics, diverse cultures... with time left for homework

Day Camps

Pre-K through Fifth Grade

On Most School Holidays

See the natural world

and experience other cultures.

Summer Camps

Pre-K through Fifth Grade

10 Weeks Each Summer

New perspectives

with field trips, swimming and related activities

Your Window into SoulShine

SoulShine uses Brightwheel to keep parents up-to-date on daily activities and school happenings.  This is an app parents use to check their children in/out of SoulShine. For younger kids, Brightwheel is how the teachers will share updates on bottles, diaper changes and more.

Details on use and access will be discussed completely during your orientation process, if you decide to enroll.

Ready to see SoulShine for Yourself?

Tour the Preschool or After School

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